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US LED EcoNight 2 Qube Exterior Wall Pack Light: 67W - 93 Lm/W - 5000K - 6250 Lumens

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US LED EcoNight Wall Pack Light

The EcoNight2 mounted LED wall pack lighting fixture is a very bright, very low watt solution for parking lots, parking structures, automotive dealerships, transitional areas, car wash, storage facilities, and any outdoor area applications where you need added security and visibility on premise.

LED Wall Packs are mounted to the exterior of buildings and other outdoor applications. High-performance LEDs provide light where you need it, at a fraction of the operating cost of other lighting technologies. Available in a 2 Qube or 1 Qube model.

Specifically designed to replace 250W watt metal halide lamps for supreme LED brightness.

  • EcoNight2: 67W - 93 Lm/W - 6,250 Lumens
  • EcoNight1: 47W - 94 Lm/W - 4,500 Lumens

Used for :

  • 250W - 400W Metal Halide Replacement
  • Dark Sky Approved
  • Illuminate building exteriors for added security

The Eco Night 2-Qube wall mounted LED luminaire lighting fixture lends itself to outdoor applications such as gas stations, automotive dealers, transitional areas, parking lots, parking structures, car wash, schools, shopping areas, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings and storage facilities by replacing traditional metal halide wall pack fixtures.

Classic design, wet rated and Dark Sky approved to reduce the amount of light pollution by shining light down without reflecting light upward towards the sky.

The Eco Night 2-Qube only uses 67 Watts to produce a 6250 Lumen output, and will reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% is an ideal replacement for the commercial 250 – 400 Watt metal halide wall packs.

Eco Night 2-Qube has a high efficacy of 93 Lm/W and an exceptionally long L70 life of at least 112,000 hours. In the on position, 24 hours, 7 days a week, you would have an expected LED life of nearly 13 years.

The Eco Night 2-Qube has a minimum 80 CRI giving accurate color representation with Correct Color Temperature (CCT) of brilliant white 5000K.

Eco Night 2-Qube has a standard 5 years warranty to eliminate maintenance and replacement costs. Your business will promote green energy credentials while protecting the environment through reduced CO2 emissions, reduced waste, and landfill visits.


  • Utilize at least 70% less power than the 100 Watt metal halide
  • Dark Sky Approved
  • Increase security and spotlight lot areas
  • Wet rated
  • Low voltage Class 2 design


  • 5 year warranty
Color Temperature 5000K
LED Light Type LED Wall Packs
Application Exterior
Lumens 6,250
Dimmable Yes
System Efficacy (Lm/W) 93
LED L70 Lifetime (hrs) 112,000
CRI (Color Accuracy) 80
Operating Temperature (°C) -40°C to 50°C
Certification UL Listed USA and Canada File #: E338791, DLC approved, Dark Sky Friendly Fixture, LM79 available
Rating Wet
Watt Replacement 250W Replacement
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