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The Ultimate Flat Lens Canopy Light. The CRU Series.

The CRU DDM Retrofit Kit allows you replace your existing 2'x2' canopy fixtures in your double deck canopy (including LSI, Whiteway and Jet-Phillips) without having to know the dimensions of the existing fixture.

LSI's no maintenance CRU is the best LED canopy lighting solution on the market delivering competition beating, ultra bright white light, for increased security and maximum curb appeal at night. It is perfect for your Automotive Dealership, C-Store, Gas Station, Parking Structure, Truck Stop, Warehouse, and any high canopy needs.

This CRU Canopy Fixture is an ideal, reliable canopy light replacement for the commercial 320 - 400 Watt metal halide and will reduce your energy consumption by over 50%.

The powerfully bright CRU High Output (HO) LED fixture that only uses 150 Watts to produce an incredibly bright 19,630 Lumen output, whilst the CRU Very High Output (VHO) only uses 196 Watts to produce 23,523 Lumens.

Be Maintenance Free by utilizing a state-of-the-art driver technology, superior energy-efficiency, and optimum light output that in the on position, 24 hours, 7 days a week, you would have minimum expected LED burn time of 11 years.

With fewer light assemblies required because of how bright this fixture is, the result is lower installation costs, a quick payback, with a high return on investment. LSi’s SmartTec™ intelligence technology platform control options manage light and energy consumption in the most efficient way possible.

The CRU LED Canopy light fixture is purpose built for performance and a stunning slim optical profile, you will see full panel brilliance for maximum light distribution.

The CRU Canopy has a 70 CRI giving you accurate color representation with a Correct Color Temperature (CCT) of brilliant white 5300K.

The CRU Canopy lighting fixture has a standard 5 years warranty to eliminate maintenance and replacement costs, promoting your green energy credentials while protecting the environment through reduced CO2 emissions, reduced waste, and landfill visits.


    • Brightest LED fixture on the market over competitors
    • No maintenance
    • Quickest installation process over competitors
    • Utilize at least 50% less power than the 320 - 400 Watt metal halide
    • Tri-Lume™ Optics engineering - the combination of a sealed flat optical grade tempered glass lens, and high efficiency precision reflectors and optimized LEDs.
    • DuraGrip  polyester powder coat finish process to withstand extreme weather changes without cracking or peeling.
    • State-of-the-art driver technology with superior energy-efficiency and optimum light output
    • Ultra-slim 3/4” low profile housing, durable die-cast, aluminum construction, with a flat glass lens
    • Optical unit is sealed, and water-resistant to an IP67 rating providing a reliable weather-tight seal
    • Driver is IP65 water and moisture resistant
    • Integral designed heat sink does not trap dirt and grime, ensuring cool running performance over the life of the fixture
    • Luminaire assembly incorporates a pressure stabilizing vent breather to prevent seal fatigue and failure
    • Two-stage surge protection at 10KV
    • Bi-Level Switching responds to external line voltage signal from separate
    • 0-10 volt energy saving dimming control options
    • 120-277V controller / sensor with low light level to decrease to 30% maximum drive current
    • Powered by a constant current power supply to achieve maximum efficiency
    • Product is suitable for Class 1 Division 2
    • Designed to the IES Model Lighting Ordinance Standard (MLO)
    • Complies with IEC and FCC standards



LSI LED Canopy Light Fixture: CRU Energy Specification