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Navigating Manufacturers Warranties

As we have built trusted relationships with our manufacturers, Lizard Lick Lighting can handle all Returns, RMAs, RGAs and Warranty issues for you when anything goes wrong.

We will go direct to the manufacturers an act on behalf of you, our client, to expedite product and warranty issues immediately.

We know your business will not wait until the lights come back on, so let us navigate you through the RMA processes with speed and ease.

If you have a Warranty question or have an RMA that needs to be processed, choose one or all 3 options below:

  1. Call Our Team: now on +1 (805) 529-5682
  2. Email us: at with any questions
  3. RMA Form: a quick web form to start the RMA process. Click Here for RMA Form


Manufacturers Warranty PDFs

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LSI Manufacturer Terms & Conditions

US LED Manufacturer Warranty

DMF Manufacturer Warranty

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