LED Refrigeration, Freezer & Cooler Lighting Guide

LED Refrigeration, Freezer & Cooler Lighting

Upgrading your fluorescent refrigeration lighting to LED cooler lights is a quick, cost effect way to creating luxuary product appeal, and make your cooler products look appetizing, while increasing the likelihood of customers buying your chilled goods.

There are a few factors when considering retrofitting your current cooler lights with LED cooler lights

Maximum Brightness

A cold cooler can look dark and sometimes leading to unappetizing looking products. Adding LED refrigeration lighting illuminates products with super bright, crisp light to make items pop of the shelf and give the extra stand out to increase sales.

When bright lighting shines on metallic canned beverages or iced products, products have more sparkle and have much better shelf standout for the customer. 

Color Rendering Index

The CRI rating for any LED light fixture is a scale to measure the light sources ability to accurately render all frequencies of its color spectrum when compared to the lighting fixture's color temperature rating. The US LED cooler light keeps a very accurate color of 85 CRI which is very high for LED refrigeration fixtures. This ensures that products look great on shelf and stay very close to the packaging branding of the product. 

High Energy Efficiency

Because LED cooler lights are typically low watt and voltage, the efficiency of LED refrigeration fixtures are very good. The EcoStar4 has an extremely long life on 16 years if left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Low/Zero Maintenance

There LED cooler light fixtures are near bulletproof and have an extremely low failure rate. If anything was going to fail, it is more likely to be the ballast, and the ballast is a Philips Advanced driver with enclosed metal shield housing.


Powered by Philips Advance Xitanium power supplies that are the top ballasts on the market. US LED EcoStar4 Cooler Light power supplies provide more stability and power to more LED fixtures per ballast than the competition. You can achieve up to 6 - 6 foot LED EcoStar4 fixtures per 100W power supply which is better than the competition that power 4 LED stick. This will reduce the initial spend for power supplies and the cost of any replacement ballasts in the future.

Specially Designed Optics

High powered LED microchips and patented optics make sure the light is directed to where you need the light to go. Specially designed optics allow evenly disbursed LED cooler light so your products pop of the shelves. LED cooler lights are designed as a Left, Right, and Center fixture. Depending on where the cooler panels are, dictates which optical fixture to buy.

Shelf Depth

LED Cooler Lights are designed to be used with 2 shelf depths in mind. A 4 inch, most common, and a 10 inch shelf depth. LED refrigeration lighting is designed for these cooler shelf depths. The terminology for the LED light to ensure you are installing the correct fixture called "Optical Pattern". Be sure to buy the correct Optical Pattern to fit your cooler shelf depth.

Recommended LED Cooler lighting

US LED have created the best walk-in or reach-in cooler range on the market called the EcoStar 4. The philips 100W Xitanium power supply can power a massive 6 luminaires making it the best, most reliable refrigerating LED lighting solution on the market

4" Shelf Depth (Most Common): US LED EcoStar4 4" Cooler Lights

10" Shelf Depth: US LED EcoStar4 10" Cooler Lights

LED Cooler Light Driver100W Philips Advance Xitanium (Can use One driver per 5/6, 6 foot LED cooler light fixtures)


Our clients have reported that they have seen a massive 30% increase in goods purchased.

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