LED Lighting Fixture Buyers Guide

LED Light Fixture Buyers Guide

Lighting is your money maker and is one of the first things potential customers will see to attract their business. That should be the number one focus. 

LED Lighting Factors to Consider 


  • Traffic at night, people feel secure, products look appetizing. The brighter the LED lumin output, the more likely you are to gain customers. Companies  Photometrics / Radiosity report to ensure required foot candles. 

Lower operational costs

  • Lower wattage from LED luminaires means instantly reducing the energy consumption and operational costs by ~50-85% based on the same fixture count and burn rate. LED lighting can also help to reduce the number of fixtures at the place of business because of the outstanding brightness and color of modern day LED lighting solutions. 

Low/zero maintenance costs

  • Reliable fixture/ballast, far less failure cost (lift rental), solid warranty (US made) 5-10years (depending on manufacture and fixture) compared to HID / Fluorescent at 3 years. 

Quick Installation

  • Lighting canopy manufacturer's like LSI Industries have provided more that 85% of all canopy lighting fixtures across the USA. There is a 4" hole where the LED canopy fixture and the ballast are connected above the canopy. LSI have been in the lighting business for over 40 years.
  • There are many LED retrofit kits to quickly, cheaply, and easily retrofit current lighting to an LED lighting solution. 

Brand lift / image refresh

  • Customer’s first impression is everything when your competitors are across the street. Replacing old box housings with clean flush mounted canopy LEDs provides a cleaner, high-end look. Going very bright on external LED lighting and brighter than competition will give you the edge when customers are making instant buying decisions. A fresh, bright, clean look boost brand image, gives the brand more weight and credibility. 

Consistent lighting

  • No hot spots and even distribution of light. LED lighting provide bright, consistent color and lumen output for many years without degrading. 

Distribution of Light

  • Optics specifically designed to throw light for desired application Pricing: Coming down closer to HID / fluorescent lighting all the time. 

Business Factors to Consider

There are many factors to consider when upgrading to an LED lighting solution:

  • Application
  • Purpose
  • Brightness required
  • Lot Size
  • Canopy Type
  • Ceiling Height
  • Number of Pumps
  • Area and Pump Layout 


  • Are you located in a densely populated area?
  • What is the traffic I receive on a daily basis? 


  • Where are the nearest businesses that are competing against you?
  • Are they open longer?
  • Do they have brighter lighting?
  • Can you see them from the down the street?
  • Do they offer a better product or service? 


  • How competitively priced is your business and does the lighting match the brand your are trying to achieve? 

Opening Hours

  • How long is your operating hours of business?
  • How long will the lights be on? 


  • Is the location of your business in a bad area that needs addition exterior and interior lighting? 

What we have found is Bright Wins, Every-time.


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