LED Canopy Lighting Guide

LED Canopy Lights

Ceiling canopy lighting has dramatically improved and moved on from traditional metal halide/pulse start, high-pressure sodium, and compact fluorescent lighting fixtures in the last 5 years, to a more popular, cost effective, energy efficient led canopy light.

All niche commercial industries have been proactively changing their gas station canopy, auto dealer service center light canopy, warehouse canopy lights, to retrofitting to car wash led lights.

With incentives from energy providers and more eco-conscious business owners, we have seen the introduction of led canopy lights spread to broader industries as offices, hospitals, and schools using led soffit lighting and parking garage led lights to make entrances and exits feel safe at night and provide a clean, modern look for their brand.

Niche Markets


Automotive Dealership Service Center & Showroom lights

As auto dealers are typically open until 10pm and into the night, Led canopy lights are an especially impressive retrofit to auto dealer service centers and car showrooms.

Service centers have typically around a 13ft ceiling canopy and need bright, high quality light to inspect the condition of drive in vehicles for estimates, and for technicians during the repairs cycle. 

Car showroom lighting have a high ceiling canopy with very bright lights to make the cars sparkle, show off the different models of vehicles on sale, and make them as desirable as possible. LED canopy lights are increasingly being used to replace high baycan downlight or panel / troffer light fixtures as ceiling canopy lights as the lumen output can be up to 10x the brightness.

The main goal of led canopy lights is to provide brighter, better quality light to sell more cars and service customers. LSI led canopy lights provide zero maintenance, reduced operational lighting costs typically over 50% when replacing one for one, and are the brightest canopy lights fixture on the market.


Petroleum Gas Station Canopy lights

LSI led canopy lights dominate the petroleum light canopy market with over 85% of the United States having LSI are their preferred gas station canopy. LSI are a US made, leading provider of interior led lighting and exterior led lights, lighting controls and graphics solutions since 1976. 

LSI have advanced commercial outdoor lighting fixtures technology throughout all aspects of each generation of led light fixtures to provide superior solutions for each application. The quality and kelvin color of light is industry leading on all led area lighting and gas station canopy lights. Patented optics and light distribution allows maximum throw of each led lighting fixture to light up your pumps, columns, and forecourt.

LizardLickLighting.com knows the product selection and will provide the correct lighting solution for your business, and budget. Call now on 1 (805) 526-5682 to talk to our specialists. 


Why convert to LED Canopy Lights?

There are many factors depending on the application and purpose of what you are lighting from your canopy type, ceiling height, to number of pumps, layout of area, amount of ambient light, that determine why and which led light fixture to buy. See LED Light Fixture Buyers Guide

Canopy lighting will be the first part of your business potential customers will see from the road. At night, commercial outdoor lighting fixtures are one of the most important factors in attracting business as customers, especially females, will normally pull into a brightest station they feel safe in to pump gas.

Led canopy lights give you very bright, clean light that show off your gas station canopy and forecourt with a fresh image. Outdoor led lighting is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can do for your ceiling canopy.

Going bright is the best way to:

  1. Increase Visibility from down the street and Improve Customer Flow over the competition
  2. Instantly Update Brand Imaging, Signs & Graphics
  3. Increase Security for customers and deter transients
  4. Lower Operation Costs
  5. Lower Maintenance Costs


LSI LED Canopy Lights

There are 3 LED canopy light options that you will want to consider when retrofitting your current HID lamps, however only 2 that we recommend to attract business.

About 85% of all gas station canopies in the USA have LSI's CRU scottsdale canopy lighting fixtures with metal halide lamps, ranging from 250W - 400W. The typical industry brightness standard is the equivelant of the CRU SC LED HO CW UE WHT, a High Output (HO), 150 watt, 131 lumen per watt, 19,630 Lumen output canopy light. 20,000 lumens is the brightest metal halide canopy light you will buy.

If you want brighter, you will need to retrofit to a Very High Output (VHO) led canopy light fixture that is 20% brighter than the High Output model. The VHO is 196 watt, 120 Lumen per watt, 23,523 lumens led canopy light.


LSI CRU Very High Output Range

LSI's CRU VHO is just over 23,000 lumens as is the brightest LED canopy luminaire on the market. The CRU VHO is 20% brighter than a new LSI scottsdale Metal Halide Lamp. If you want very bright horsepower, this is the best choice on the market.

LSI's CRU HO is under 20,000 lumens and is a direct replacement for a new LSI scottsdale Metal Halide Lamp.

Specifically designed to replace 250 - 400 watt metal halide lamps for canopies and soffits.

  • Very High Output     196W - 120 Lm/W - 23,523 Lumens (Brightest Business on the Block)
  • High Output              150W - 131 Lm/W - 19,630 Lumens (Original 320W Metal Halide Replacement)

Used for:

  • Outstanding Brightness
  • Canopy / High Ceilings
  • Service Bays / Car Showrooms
  • Soffits
  • Replace 250 - 400 watt metal halide lamps

See: LSI CRU SC Very High Output Range of LED Canopy Lights

LSI CRU Super Saver Range

  • LSI's CRU SS is used when you are really on a budget. 
  • The SS is cheaper but you lose 10,000 lumens at over 13,000 lumens - across a 16 fixture canopy is a massive 160,000 lumens and only saving around $4 a day across one year.

Specifically designed to replace 150 - 250 watt metal halide lamps for canopies and soffits.

  • Super Saver         114W - 119 Lm/W - 13554 Lumens 
  • Low Watt              88W - 124 Lm/W - 10871 Lumens (Not recommended for gas station canopy lights)
  • Very Low Watt     79W - 112 Lm/W - 8850 Lumens (Not recommended for gas station canopy lights)

Used for:

  • Price Sensitive Investments
  • Soffits
  • Replace 150 - 250 watt metal halide lamps

See: LSI CRU SC Super Saver Range of LED Canopy Lights


Flush Mount LED Canopy Lights

When upgrading your gas station canopy lighting to led, you have a golden opportunity to also update the brand image of your gas station.

Flush Mount Led Canopy Lights

Whilst retrofit superkits are a simpler and quicker install, we have found that gas station owners like to take off the 2'x2' Dakota Box or Recessed Richmond housing and retrofit with flush mount led canopy light. 

These older canopy boxes are usually 40 years old, rusted, get knocked off by taller trucks, and just don't look that good. Updating to a more premium, cleaner, modern looking gas station provides your customers with a nicer environment to pump gas.

Installing flush mounted led canopy lighting means a few things at install:

  1. Removing old move light 
  2. Seal canopy from all holes and cracks
  3. Reposition and align new led canopy lights
  4. Mark new positions and cut 4" a whole into the canopy deck 
  5. Connect  new led canopy light and led ballast through canopy
  6. Potentially run new wire and cut new conduit
  7. Wire and ground terminals
  8. Seal, test, and you're done

LSI CRU SC Very High Output Range of LED Canopy Lights
LSI CRU SC Super Saver Range of LED Canopy Lights


LED Canopy Light Retrotit

Deciding to keep the surface mount / recessed housing and retrofit LED canopy lights in current housing using a surface mount led retrofit kit is a very quick process.

2'x2' Dakota Box LED Canopy Retrofit Kits

This type of canopy lighting allows you to retrofit your existing gas station canopy 2' x 2' dakota box with a new led canopy light without having to replace the existing box. It fits quickly, and easily into your existing housing. This saves time and money on the installation process, whilst being the easiest and quickest to install with less mess on installation. 

Used for:

  • 2' x 2' Dakota Box Canopy Retrofit
  • Air / Water Pump Area Light Box
  • 2' x 2' Area Lights

LSI CRUK UNV Very High Output Range of LED Canopy Lights
LSI CRUSK UNV Super Saver Range of LED Canopy Lights

Richmond Recessed LED Retrofit Canopy Kits

Richmond canopy lights are recessed, boxed canopy fixtures that sit up into the canopy to allow the flush mounted look. The retrofit kit will allow you to keep the recessed housing of the existing canopy fixture whilst replacing the metal halide light bulb with a new led canopy light.

Used for:

  • 2' x 2' Recessed Box Canopy Retrofit

LSI CRUK RECU Very High Output Range of LED Canopy Lights
LSI CRUSK RECU Super Saver Range of LED Canopy Lights

Double Deck Canopy

A double deck canopy, as opposed to an open deck, is an enclosed, sealed canopy from the top and bottom. There is a hatch in the canopy, the installer with have to open to allow them to crawl into the canopy, and install the new led light fixtures.

Because the canopy deck is sealed, the amount of airflow is restricted and the installation process increases in difficultly and time. This type of enclosed canopy requires a special fixture to allow flush mounted led canopy lights. 

LSI's CRU SC DDM (Double Deck Mount) Retrofit Kit allows you replace your existing 2'x2' canopy fixtures in your double deck canopy (including LSI, Whiteway and Jet-Phillips) without having to know the dimensions of the existing fixture.

If this deck has existing 2'x2' Dakota boxes already installed and you are wanting to convert to a flush mounted flat lens lighting solution, the correct flush mounted led canopy light is the CRU SC DDM.

LSI CRU SC DDM Very High Output Range of LED Canopy Lights
LSI CRUS SC DDM Super Saver Range of LED Canopy Lights

Need Some More Advice?

Should you need advise on installing your new led lighting fixtures, the type of canopy you have, or what led canopy light you need, just call us to speak with our experienced sales representives or engineers on 1 (805) 526-5682 or email info@lizardlicklighting.com with any questions.

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