Commercial Outdoor Lighting Strategies To Illuminate Your Business

Transforming your business from traditional lighting to commercial outdoor LED lighting fixtures is an excellent way to save costs, become energy efficient and modernizes your enterprise. Since LED lights are very advanced compared to their traditional lighting, investing in exterior LED lighting can have an amazing impact on your bottom line and its appeal to customers. Latest commercial LED exterior light fixtures, such as canopy lights, are maintenance free, environmentally friendly, giving you one more angle to highlight when promoting your business. Lizard Lick Lighting outlines a design strategy for commercial outdoor LED lighting solutions.



If you try to go through every product available, it will become an impossible task to shortlist the perfect exterior canopy lights for your business. Deciding on how much illumination you require can help you zero in on the available options. LSI CRU DDM LED Double Deck Exterior Canopy Light from Lizard Lick Lighting allows you to replace your existing gas station canopy lighting fixture without having to know the dimensions of the existing fixture. LSI's light canopy is the best LED canopy light on the market delivering competition beating, ultra bright white light, for increased security and maximum curb appeal at night. It is perfect for your Automotive Dealership, C-Store, Gas Station, Parking Structure, Truck Stop, Warehouse, and any high canopy needs.


Estimates say that moving your entire business to exterior canopy LED lights fixtures will save you enough to provide a return on the investment within only two to three years. LSI LED canopy lights use only a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting solutions. Exterior LED lighting also allows you to use fewer LED lights since the light created is brighter and illuminates evenly.


Lighting design applies to much more than just the light fixture itself. If you have a cool existing brick wall to illuminate or an exposed ceiling to highlight, the new lighting fixtures should incorporate these features as part of the design.


LSI CRU DDM LED Double Deck Exterior Canopy Light:

  • Specifically designed to replace 250 - 400 watt metal halide lamps for surface mounted canopies and soffits. 
  • Provides Very High Output - 196W - 120 Lm/W - 23,523 Lumens and High Output - 150W - 131 Lm/W - 19,630 Lumens
  • Used for : Canopy / Ceiling; Service Bays

LSI CRU SC LED Flat Lens Exterior Canopy Light: 

  • Gas Station Canopies 
  • Service Bays
  • High Interior / Exterior Ceiling for wide distribution of light
  • Replace 250 - 400 watt metal halide lamps

LSI CRUK RECU Recessed Super kit Canopy Light: 

  • Allows you to retrofit your existing gas station recessed canopy lighting fixture box without having to replace the existing box.
  • Fits quickly and easily into your existing housing.
  • Specifically designed to replace 250 - 400 watt metal halide lamps for canopies and soffits.
  • 2' x 2' Recessed Box Canopy Retrofit

LSI CRU SM LED Surface Mount Exterior Canopy Light: 

  • The CRUS SM LED Surface Mount is specifically designed for Car Washes and areas where you are likely to need a completely sealed exterior LED light fixture.
  • Chemically treated and sealed to prevent harsh chemicals from entering the light.
  • Specifically designed to replace 250 - 400 watt metal halide lamps for surface mounted canopies and soffits.
  • Car Wash Canopy
  • Surface Mounted Canopy / Soffits
  • Lighting in Wet Locations


Commercial LED exterior light fixtures have the power of converting a mundane place into an attractive and welcoming place. If you have a business with customer interface, converting to LED lighting fixtures provides additional benefits. LED lights can be chosen and installed to create a specific atmosphere in accordance with the needs of your business. For instance, LSI LED flat lens exterior canopy light is ideal for gas station canopy. LED lights brighten the entire area properly and thus help to create the much-desired impact on the people visiting the area. Besides this, no maintenance LSI CRU is the best LED canopy light delivering competition beating, ultra bright white light, for increased security and maximum curb appeal at night. It is perfect for your automotive dealership, C-Store, gas station, parking structure, truck stop, warehouse, and any high light canopy needs. Exterior canopy lights can completely alter the look of the commercial buildings and structures. Commercial outdoor lighting fixtures also enable you to have control over what they highlight and what they do not which is not available with incandescent or florescent lighting.Along with the illumination, the place becomes beautiful if the lighting scheme is done by Lizard Lick Lighting experts who know how to use the right light canopy fixture to make a statement.


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